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GD-PARTS Hifi Audio Signal Boost Transformer Adapter Passive Transformer For PC Mobile MP3 MP4: GDAP006
Item ID #GDAP006
List Price: $90.00
Price: $88.00
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Brand New 1:2 Audio Signal Boost Transformer

Item No.: GDAP006

Boost multiple: 2 times

Chassis material: Full Aluminum, CNC Machined (drilled/cut from a solid aluminum block)

Laser print

Color: Silver chassis, gold transformer cover

Surface finish: Anodized

Gold Plated Brass Female RCA Connectors

Input: Female RCA Jacks*2PCS

Output: Female RCA Jacks*2PCS

Length: 100mm

Width: 71mm

Width with RCA Jacks: 83mm

Height: 25mm

Height with transformer: 50mm

It is a mini products, nearly as big as a male's hand

Frequency response: 28Hz-68KHz

Impedance ratio:  300 ohm+ 300 ohm: 2400 ohm

Easy to connect and use, no power needed.

Net Weight: 0.33kg

Gross Weight: 0.38kg

Quantity: 1PC/lot

Why develop this product?
When you use cellphones, PC or MP3 to connect with amplifiers to play music, you can find the sound is low, lack of details, weak dynamic and is not good sound as CD or DAC, because the audio output voltage of cellphone is 0.2V-0.5V, but input voltage of amplifiers is usually 0.75V-1.2V. There is a difference between them. So we design this input transformer to be an adapter to make up the difference.