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Drop Shipping

offer dropship to their Registered member without extra charges. This Service can help you creat an online store with vast range of audio parts.

Choose Drop shipping service from www.mafaudio.com help you save cost of inventories,packing etc, which mean you have sufficient time to develop customer,focus on developing larger market

Follow 3 Steps to start your own online Business:

Step 1:

Select the goods you wish to order

Step 2:

Provide us with your customers' shipping address

Step 3:

 We will ship items as soon as comfirm complete payment to your drop shipping orders

How Dropshipping works?

1. Your customes visit your websit place orders, and pay to you

2. You order the same items in our website, keep you profits, pay for them

3. Dropshipper ships same items to your customers with your store's name


1. Please note when using dropshipping, your customers may pay for tax if any import duty incurred. However, we'd like to follow your instruction to save or minimize tax amount.

2. We Promise do not include any invoices or advertisement copies in the dropshipping packages.