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Single End KT88 Vacuum Tube Amplifier Hifi Audio Vintage Integrated Tube AMP 18W*2: A20
Item ID #A20
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Brand new single end KT88 tube amplifier chass A

Item No.: A20

Power tubes: PSVANE Hifi KT88x2PCS
Voltage tubes: SHUGUANG 6J8PJx2PCS
Rectifier Tube: 5Z3PATx1PC

Power transformer: 0.35 plate,thickness=60mm (114-60)
Output transformer: 0.5mm high grade silicon plate(86-50)
ALPS volume potentiometer

Mirror finish stainless steel chassis
Aluminum alloy front gear plate, CNC machined, anodized
High end audio connectors
Signal input: AUX/CD/TAPE

Output power: 18Wx2 (super linear connection)
Frequency response: 20Hz-35KHz
Output impedance: 4ohm and 8ohm
Distortion: less than 1% (1KHz)
Input sensitivity: 750mv
Input impedance: 100Kohm
S/N ratio: 89dB
Dimension: 360*300*180mm
Package dimension: 500*450*290mm
Weight: about 19KG

Turret board chassis mount(not PCB board mount)

Package includes:
Assembled tube amplifier:1PC