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EIZZ 24-Step Volume Potentiometer Stereo 50KA AMRS Resistors:GDPR002-50K
Item ID #GDPR002-50K
List Price: $99.00
Price: $95.00
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BRAND NEW PREMIUM EIZZ 24-step Volume Potentiometer

Item No.: GDPR002-50K

Value: 2*50KA

We can customize other values, MOQ is 10PCS

Use premium ARMS carbon film resistors made in Japan

Material of Shield/cover: Aluminum alloy, CNC machined

Shield/cover finish:  Titanium gold plated

Material of insulator: Teflon

Material of Contact Pins: 24K Gold Plated copper

Overall diameter: 38mm

Overall length: 64mm

Shield/cover length: 37mm

Overall shaft length: 25mm

Net shaft length: 15mm

Shaft diameter: 6mm

Shaft material: Brass

Panel cut out diameter: 10mm