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Viborg US Mains AC Power Cord 5N OFC Litz RIRS Electric Power Cable Hifi Audio AMP CD Turntable DIY 2 Meters: VP1606-VM511
Item ID #VP1606-VM511-2M
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Brand new hand made mains AC power cable cord

Model No.: VP1606-VM511-2M

Cable Length: 2Meters

Connector A: Viborg VM511 (99.9998% Pure Copper conductor,Fiber glass+nylon insulator)

US Standard

Connector B: Viborg VF511 (99.9998% Pure Copper conductor, Fiber glass+nylon insulator)

IEC320 C14

Rated value: AC125V 15A

Cable: Viborg VP1606

RIRS Litz Structure

99.998% 5N OFC Conductor

3 cores, 6mm2 each core, multi-strands

Outside diameter: 16mm

100% pure brass shielding, teflon insulator

Outside Insulator: PVC

Color: Brown